FAQ (English)

The FAQ give short answers to the most common questions in English. The rest of the website and information is only available in Dutch.

If you have any other question please send an e-mail or send a message via whatsapp.

Anybody who has not taken prior lessons at Tune Up Muziekpunt can apply for a free try-out lesson of max. 30 minutes.

Apply for a free try-out lesson

When you’ve never had music lessons at Tune Up Muziekpunt before, you can start by applying for a free try-out lesson. This can be done through a form, which you should fill in and send to us directly via the site.

Apply for a free try-out lesson

Do you want to start with regular lessons right away? All you have to do is fill in our application form. We will get in touch with you to schedule the lessons and to confirm your enrolment.

You will start, at the start of every school year, or when you first start at Tune up Muziekpunt, with 4 “starter lessons”. During these 4 “starter lessons” you’ll still have the option to cancel the lessons or change teacher or instrument.

When the 4 “starter lessons” have passed, you will be obligated to finish the rest of the school year, until summer (August 2023).

Apply now

A try-out lesson is free of any costs.

You can find all relevant information about fees on our website, under fees & payment .

Monthly payment amounts, are based on a weekly course of 40 lessons for one year. In case you start a course later within the year, you can multiply the fee per lesson with the amount of lessons remaining throughout the rest of the year, until the summer holidays.

We have several options available for payment:

• Pay the annual amount in one payment
• Pay the annual amount in two payments
• Pay the annual amount in four payments
• Pay monthly

When you choose monthly payments, the complete amount for the lessons, for a whole course year, will be spread out over the remaining months. Beginning from the first lesson you receive until the end of the course year including August 2023.

Keep in mind that, when you have chosen monthly payments, the monthly payments will also continue during the holiday months.

Check our fees here

If you choose to pay in instalments, the fees for the lessons will be spread over two, four or monthly payments.

Monthly payments will be spread over 12 months. Therefore, there will also be payments during the summer holidays (July and August).

Anually term 1 September 2022
Biannually term 1 September 2022
  term 2 March 2023
Quarterly term 1 September 2022
  term 2 December 2022
  term 3 March 2023
  term 4 June 2023
Monthly term 1 September 2022
  term 2 October 2022
  term 3 November 2022
  term 4 December 2022
  term 5 Januari 2023
  term 6 Februari 2023
  term 7 March 2023
  term 8 April 2023
  term 9 May 2023
  term 10 June 2023
  term 11 July 2023
  term 12 August 2023

Tune Up Muziekpunt offers a total of 40 weekly lessons per course year.
There are no lessons during official school holidays and feast days.

The holidays at Tune Up Muziekpunt are relatively the same as public school holidays in the region of Haarlem.

Check the calendar here

When you have missed one or multiple lessons due to illness, or another engagement, for example: sports, school activities, or vacation, on the scheduled time of your lesson, our teachers will not be obligated to reschedule. In consultation with the teacher, different agreements can be made.

Teachers at Tune Up Muziekpunt are flexible, and have good will to reschedule a missed lesson, whenever this is possible. This will depend on the schedule of the teacher and availability of a space.

If your teacher cancels a lesson, due to illness, or another urgent matter, they will try to reschedule the lesson, if possible.

When there are more than 3 cancelled lessons in one school year, due to cancellation by the teacher, restitution is owed to the student.

Read point 12 of our terms and conditions

Every year you will start with 4 ‘starter lessons’. During these ‘starter lessons’ the option remains to cancel the lessons, or change teacher or instrument.

When you decide to continue after the 4 ‘starter lessons’ it will not be possible to cancel the lessons, within the remaining course year. You will have to finish the course year. A course year runs from September 2022 through August 2023.

Only in special circumstances, it will be possible to unbind the contract early.
Read point 20 of our terms and conditions

For transfer of a contract to another person read point 15 of our terms and conditions

The law in the Netherlands requires a reapplication anually.

Furthermore, any changes in adress or contact information, and change of payment method can be indicated anew.

During a try-out lesson, use of an instrument owned by Tune Up Muziekpunt will be possible in most cases.

In addition, it could be possible, in consultation, to loan a guitar, keyboard or saxophone from us, when available

To rent a musical instrument, in many cases, Stichting Algemeen Muziekfonds (SAM) te Haarlem can assist in this matter.

Go to www.muziekfonds.nl

When you are enrolled at Tune Up Muziekpunt, you will be able to get a 25% discount on groupcources, if, besides your normal course, you also partake in a band or choir course.

Youth funding Sport & Cultuur could help with paying course fees. Check their website for rules and frequently asked questions.

Go to www.jeugdfondssportencultuur.nl